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 “…While attending the (Wendelstedt Umpire School), one of my instructors was Bill McCallum. I always remember Bill's professionalism, his knowledge of the game and his dedication to all of the students. While not only being a great instructor he demonstrated and conveyed to me the importance of the integrity of the game…”

”…I can proudly say I've completed my 21 year career as a Major League Umpire and have worked three world series.  I am now an MLB Umpire Supervisor.  Without the influence of people like, Bill McCallum, this would not be possible!”

Mike Everitt,  MLB Umpire Supervisor, Graduate of Wendelstedt Umpire School class of 1987

(Mike Everitt is now a major league umpire supervisor.  He has umpired the World Series in 2007 and 2009.  He has also been assigned multiple times to the League Championship Series, Division Series and the Major League All-Star Game)


"(Bill) was a fellow Umpire School student, a fellow Umpire School Instructor, my first partner in Professional Baseball, and most importantly, my very good friend."

"Bill's Knowledge about the intricacies of umpiring is second to none."...  "He can instruct umpires in mechanics and positioning for any level of baseball."...  "He is a class individual and any umpire that attends a clinic hosted by Bill will undoubtedly leave a better umpire."

Brian Gorman, MLB Umpire Crew Chief, Graduate of Wendelstedt Umpire School class of 1982

(Brian Gorman is now a veteran major league umpire and crew chief and has umpired the World Series in 2004, 2009 and 2012.  He has also been assigned multiple times to the League Championship Series, Division Series and the Major League All-Star Game) 


“…Not only do the young men and women in this program learn the rules of baseball inside and out so that they may become certified paid umpires, they also develop life skills that will serve them for many years to come.  No matter what their futures hold professionally or personally, this program's lessons on communication, conflict resolution and diversity awareness will benefit them immeasurably.  All of this instruction is provided in a fun, hands-on environment by one of the best teachers in the business…”

Ryan FitzGerald,

Director of Recreation, Sports & Fitness - Boston Centers for Youth & Families



“… I have worked with Bill (Coaching and Mentoring Program) for the last two years”… “His approach in teaching and his system of training is easy to learn and understand.  He is able to break down the information which makes it easy for a novice umpire like me to understand, and still hit areas that would help seasoned umpires to improve on their ability.”…  “He provides constructive and positive feedback to show what you are doing well and how to improve in other areas.  I am positive that I am a better and more polished umpire today, because of Bill’s superior teaching, training, and his many years of experience that he brings to umpiring."

Jack Richard

South Shore Umpires Association member



“…Mr. McCallum’s unique teaching style along with years of professional umpiring and instructing experience has helped develop every-day skills in our students such as communication, conflict resolution and leadership.  Students have gained confidence and built self-esteem while having fun and participating in this interactive program.  Thanks to Bill McCallum we now have a staff of quality, responsible umpires whom we employ at all levels of play.  After only two years we now have close to 20 youth umpires in our program that have been through this first of its kind training given to these inner city youth.  Providing this training for our teens and young adults was well worth the investment on many levels!”

                                                                        Al Carrier,

                                                                 Vice President - Charlestown Little League


"He (Bill) is a real natural in regards to being able to speak to umpires in our own language..."

"The mechanics he taught me with helped me become a better umpire which has allowed me to climb through the ranks and work some very high levels of baseball."

"He is able to break down the information so that it is understandable to the beginner while able to hit areas that help the most seasoned veteran improve on their ability." 

"...I was able to look out at the membership and see that they were really getting a benefit from his expertise.   After the meetings, I get quite a number of our members coming up and making sure we continue to bring him back."

"I truly believe any organization that wants its membership to improve their abilities on the field should have Bill speak at a meeting."    

Joe Peters, President - South Shore Umpires Association, Director – College Baseball Umpires Association- New England Chapter