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Remember, as a NEBUC member, you receive a discount on our valuable Mentoring & Coaching Service!  Get the feedback you have been looking for!  Call today to schedule Bill for some of your games...   and be sure to catch the upcoming reinforcement sessions!


NEBUC events are now on Zoom!


As Zoom and in-person sessions are scheduled, invitations will be emailed to members .

This is also a great time to consider our Individual Mentoring & Coaching Service!




Although scheduling changes are not typical, some changes are beyond our control.  Always check here before attending any session to be sure there are no scheduling changes or cancellations. 

We are always striving to make these sessions accessible to as many umpires as possible and we welcome your scheduling suggestions.

We offer attractive discounts when you successfully help to arrange a location that hosts multiple NEBUC sessions!  Please inquire by phone.



Committed to Excellence!

Your Membership Benefits:

Attend any of our Education and Skills Reinforcement Sessions, receive discounts on our personal mentoring & coaching services, enjoy our "Member Discount" on Gerry Davis Sports equipment, footwear & apparel, and new members receive a free NEBUC t-shirt when they join. 


Our Belief:

Good umpires have good mechanics, habits and patterns of behavior.  It is not enough to acquire the proper information, but to learn to put it to practice.  Proper development and continued reinforcement of knowledge and skills are essential to achieving high success on the field.  If we are not constantly improving, then others are passing us by!


Thank you NEBUC members for helping to build the best umpire education & skills reinforcement club in the entire northeast!

Please continue to send comments and suggestions.

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