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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the training programs designed for?

Individuals 13 & above that would like to receive quality comprehensive training to become baseball umpires,
Baseball leagues & organizations that depend on highly trained confident umpires,
Umpire Associations that aspire to service the highest levels with the highest quality umpires,
Community & recreation organizations that would like to arrange a unique, top-notch seasonal program,
Baseball teams -ages 13 & above that would like to see players learn their game from an important perspective and befefit on many levels,
Schools or Job-Training Organizations that would like to provide a unique education that could lead to the opportunity to work in sports

What are the program prices?
Proposals are provided upon request with options based on the needs and goals of a specific organization or individual.

Are umpires certified if they complete a training program?
No.  There are no guarantees for certification with any organization but our commitment is to provide all the information and the opportunity to learn the skills of umpiring.  Umpires must make a commitment to learn and with our mentoring program, can receive guidance and feedback and an evaluation.  We do have close relationships with numerous associations and we can help guide you toward the process of certification.
Why not just go to an umpire school?
Umpires can enroll in our programs for a small fraction of the investment and time commitment of a professional umpire school.  If umpires aspire to be professional umpire candidates, they must attend an umpire school.  Our program is a perfect prelude to umpire school in terms of preparation and being evaluated in advance.
Do umpires get the same training when they join an association?
Although we can not speak for any specific organizations, umpires typically receive lessons that are rules oriented but very limited on mechanics, positioning, handling of situations and other necessary skills.  Most skills are learned on the job which can be a disadvantage given the demand on umpires to make difficult decisions and handle situations during games.  Our programs can be a great compliment to associations and allow them to transfer part or all of the training burden to us.
Which program fits best?
Our programs are not 'one size fits all'.  We will tailor a plan specific to your needs and your priorities.  The first step is to make contact with us so we can get you into the right program with the right options for you.
What if someone is considering a program but has never umpired before?
Experience is not required.  Lack of umpiring experience is not necessarily a disadvantage.  Students can learn the 'good habits' of umpiring right at the beginning and avoid having to re-condition themselves due to things that may not have them on a good track.
What if someone is considering a program but doesn't know anything about baseball?
Our full program assumes that umpires know nothing about baseball.  In fact, even those who think they know the game well, may be in for a surprise.  Although some of our abbreviated programs do require at least a rough understanding of baseball, we can offer a pre-program catch-up session for students who need it.
What if I already work as an umpire?
Become a NEBUC Member for the best Umpire Continuing Education and Skills Reinforcement available in the northeast.  Or consider our individual Mentoring & Coaching programs that provide focussed observations and guidance to help you get the best use of your talent and reach your full potential.
Does NEBUC membership make sense for my level?
Although most of our program is centered around the 2-umpire system and the professional rules, we recognize that there is variation almost every day in most umpires' schedules.  Therefore we address different perspectives frequently. Many principals are universal but we always cooperate and defer to state, conference or association authorities and coordinators that may have special rules, policies and procedures.  Our goal is to help you develop your skills and become the best umpire and mentor at your level.  Advancement depends on your aspirations and desires.
Is there training available for officiating sports other than baseball?
No.  Presently, there is no training for officials in other sports.
Is there merchandise available to officials in other sports?
Yes.  There is officiating equipment, footwear and apparel avaiable to softball, football, basketball and soccer officials.  All merchandise is provided through Gerry Davis Sports.
Do umpires need their own equipment to participate in these programs?
Established umpires who enroll in mentoring & coaching programs only, need their own equipment.  Organizations are required to provide a certain amount of equipment to umpires. (Some items are included in the price for full and abbreviated programs.)
Are merchandise discounts available with the programs?
Yes.  NEBUC members always receive the "Member Discount"In some cases there will be a "Club Discount" or "Super Club Discount" with other services.  Proposals will include all discounts where applicable.  See the "Equipment, Footwear & Apparel Discounts" page.