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whatever level that may be."     -Rich Luccarelli, Cape Cod Baseball Umpires Association (& NEBUC Member)


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MLB Director of Umpires, Rich Rieker with Bill McCallum at Umpire Camp in Boston


MLB Umpire Camp in Boston

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MLB Umpire Mike Everitt says,

"…I can now proudly say I've completed my 12th year as a Major League Umpire and have worked two world series.  Without the influence of people like, Bill McCallum, this would not be possible!"

Our Belief:

Good umpires (new or experienced) have good mechanics, habits and patterns of behavior.  It is not enough to aquire the proper information, but to learn to put it to practice.  Proper development and continued reinforcement of knowledge and skills are essential to acheiving high success on the field.  If we are not constantly improving, then others are passing us by!